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Report from Managing Director Elle Aukusitino:

I heard a successful business man once say, “Make something easy to buy, and it will be easy to sell!”

There is so much out there to read on selling tips. I want to keep it simple and break it down to ‘Elle’s 3 Simple Selling Tips’. These 3 simple keys will assist to maximise your property sale price.

1) Declutter

What can I do, what can I say to impart this very valuable tip. Either way, the message I want you to take away is ...DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THIS!!! IT IS TRULY WELL WORTH THE EFFORT!!!

Recently when compiling information for a property appraisal, I was analysing all the properties sold in the area over the last 12 months from an Australian property source.

I didn’t just look at the front of the home, I looked at every picture available for each home. Whilst there is more then one contributing factor, can I say it was quite clear that the homes that presented clutter free sold closer to their asking price. This is an observation I suggest anyone serious about getting the highest dollar pays attention to!

QWHY do we ‘Declutter’?
There are numerous reasons! To present your property at its very best, to help people have vision and imagination for its greatest potential, to help people concentrate on the advantages and not any annoyances, to obtain a faster sale, and to maximise your sale price!
QSo HOW do you ‘Declutter’?

Firstly make a date in your diary and keep it! Get some extra help if you wish. You’ll need some boxes and tape, a storage venue (if not in your own garage), and a vehicle to move it (if taking it to a new venue). Store any excess furniture and pack any excess belongings from all rooms. Don’t hold back! Give the home a thorough clean over to complete the task. You’ll be impressed! This way your home will be presented more desirably. Put the music on, prepare lunch or dinner earlier or arrange takeaway, have some fun with it, you’ll be amazed with what you rediscover!

I recently assisted with a home where the owners had lived in for 12 years. It consisted of a couple with 3 grown up children, so you can imagine what had been accumulated. As I said to them, it’s nothing to feel guilty about, it’s actually quite normal in most households. We focused on the task at hand with a little extra help from some willing friends. They had lined up a friend’s garage to store their excess furniture and belongings however this fell through last minute, so instead they used their own garage. We re-positioned some furniture and a thorough clean over was conducted. Presto, the home was ready to present where people could just glide through from room to room. The family we’re so pleased with the look, I remember one of the family members saying, “I didn’t believe my home could look like this!”

I can happily report this home sold on the first inspection 5 days later!

Don't forget Liverpool City Council also provides two FREE booked household clean up collections per year, including metal and white goods, as well as general cleanup waste. Contact them to find out specific details on 1300 362 170

2) Fix Minor Repairs and Maintenance Issues

Now lets face it, we all have some repairs and maintenance issues that creep up on us and we always tend to notice them when we have guests over for a party or dinner. The other time you also notice them is when you go to sell.

QWHY do we ‘Fix Minor Repairs and Maintenance Issues?’

Many minor home repairs and maintenance issues are in our reach. Just like you would generally service and detail a car before selling it to maximise our financial return, we need to consider this in selling our home.

A well maintained home makes your property more attractive and a prospective purchaser will feel more secure towards buying your home.

QSo HOW do we ‘Fix Minor Repairs and Maintenance Issues?’

A home I recently assisted with had a three-way bathroom. The first thing you noticed when opening the door to the toilet room was a strip of paint that had been torn off the wall. This had occurred a few years ago when the toilet roll holder fell off. A simple trip to the hardware to purchase and assemble a new one took the focus off the ugly torn strip of paint.

It’s a great idea to start by writing a list, work out what you have at home to use and what you need to buy. Your list of tasks could consist of:

- Clean windows and glass doors
- Clean marks off walls and spider webs
- Fix dripping taps
- Repair hinges on cupboard doors
- Repair any cracked glass or broken tiles
- Ensure doors, windows and gates don’t stick
- Carpet cleaning. This will also deodorise some odours in your home.

Seek advice from relevant trade’s people as required. Tackle one job at a time and feel satisfied as you go. If something is not in your capability, ensure to hire a qualified tradesperson. This will give you’re home an advantage and assure any prospective purchaser!

3) Always Present Your Home Immaculately on Inspection:

Love your home, take pride and others will too! This includes:

  1. Mowing your lawn and tidying your gardens. Remember this is the first thing people see as they drive up to your home!
  2. If you have a pool, keep the water sparkling clean.
  3. Tidy your home before every inspection, pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.
  4. Open blinds for lighting and window’s for a nice fresh breeze.
  5. Colour is important, don’t present looking too sterile or still. To avoid this you can include some flowers or fresh fruit in a bowl and have the radio softly playing in the background.
  6. A ‘Home Stylist’ can always be used should you need assistance.
In Summary:

Presentation of your property is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price and faster sale. It is the difference between achieving a standard price and getting a great price!

If you have decluttered, and got on top of your minor repair and maintenance issues, presenting your home immaculately on inspection every time is made easy!

Emotional appeal is what you will be creating to prospective purchaser's who walk through your door, as well as vision and imagination, and confidence and assurance for your property at its best. It’s our role, as any great agent, to indicate this to you so that in partnership we can help you get the highest price in the quickest time!

Again I say it’s truly worth the effort!


Elle Aukustino
Manager Director
Elle August Real Estate